Dedication and continuous improvement

At Capselos we have a pilot plant, laboratory and R&D&I team specialised in the development of innovative microencapsulation projects.



All our new microencapsulation developments start in the laboratory, where the initial formulations are prepared and the corresponding quality tests are carried out to verify the scaling up to industrial microencapsulation.

Pilot Plant


At Capselos, we also have a semi-industrial plant that gives us the option of producing batches between 1 kg and 150 kg, which is very useful for the development of new projects and launches.

Industrial Plant


For industrial microencapsulation manufacturing, we have three microencapsulation lines with a capacity of 600 kg/hour and the latest technological innovation.


We have the capacity to develop specific microencapsulation formulas for different raw materials and make the necessary adjustments to reach the most demanding quality levels for industrial scale-up.
Our pilot plant allows us to offer a sample system so that new projects can be evaluated without obligation by our customers.
In this way, we ensure that the end result is optimal for both parties.

We apply the most stringent quality standards before scaling up to industrial level.

In all R&D&I and industrial processes, we perform exhaustive quality controls thanks to our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) equipment. Routine analyses are also performed on parameters such as: dropping point, particle size dispersion, density and pH.

We believe that direct communication and collaboration is essential to obtain the highest quality product

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