Prilling Capselos

Microencapsulation Technology


There are different microencapsulation techniques such as atomisation, spray cooling, spray chilling and fluidised bed, among others.

Our specific Prilling Capselos technology offers a series of specific protection advantages that are very useful for different sectors.

What is Prilling Capselos?

The specific Prilling Capselos microencapsulation technology is based on manufacturing highly homogeneous microcapsules (from 400 µm to 1200 µm) using electrohydrodynamic technology. It can develop microencapsulation processes from laboratory level (from 0.1 to 150kg) up to industrial level (tons/day).

Advantages of Prilling Capselos

Controlled release of substances in target areas

Conversion of liquid products into solid particles for improved handling

Separation of compounds that can react with each other

Protection of substances against environmental effects (oxidation, heat, water, sunlight and other agents)


Reduction in volatility of ingredients

Improved palatability and taste-masking

Microencapsulated ingredients, additives
and active compounds

 We are specialists in microencapsulating a wide range of components.

Flavourings and essential oils


(organic acids)

Medium-chain fatty acids

(in glyceride and/or free form)

Vitamins and amino acids

Other active components

What do you need?

Animal nutrition

Functional food

Other applications